With your private pilot’s certificate you’ll be certified to fly a small aircraft with passengers in visual flight conditions without an instructor’s supervision. You may NOT be paid as a pilot for hire with this particular license.


Experience your first flight
with our friendly instructors.
You will familiarize yourself
with the basics of flying a
high-performance aircraft.


After completing your discovery
flight and deciding to pursue
training, you will have a briefing
with your instructor to prepare
for your first official lesson.


Instructors will continually
monitor your progress and approve
students to fly solo solely at their
discretion. Typically within 25-30
hours of training students are
proficient enough to conduct flights
with little help from instructors
– indicating they are ready for a
solo flight.


After your first solo flight, you
will continue working with
your instructor - completing at
least 10 hours of solo flight.


After completing this course,
you'll take a checkride to earn
your Private Pilot Certificate!
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✓ Obtaining and interpreting a weather briefing

✓ Preflighting and postflighting the aircraft

✓ Airport operations, taxi, and radio procedures

✓ Takeoff, straight and level, climbs, descents, and turns

✓ Slow flight and turns

✓ Approach stalls and departure stalls

✓ Steep turns – 45 degree bank

✓ Ground Reference Maneuvers

✓ Following a road, turns about a point, s-turns over a road and rectangular patterns

✓ Pattern entries and go-arounds

✓ Instrument flying and Unusual attitudes

✓ Landings

✓ Emergency procedures

✓ Cross country planning and flying

✓ Solo landings

✓ Solo Cross country flight

✓ Diversions

✓ Night Flying

✓ Advanced landings and takeoffs – Short field and Soft field

✓ Checkride review

Cirrus SR20 – $399/hour (wet)

Instruction – $75/hour

Budget approximately $21,000 – $30,000 to obtain your Private Pilot certificate via the Cirrus SR20 (does not include examiner fees).

  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® – the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation.
  • Garmin Perspective+ – Giving you an unparalleled level of communication technology at your fingertips, fully integrated into the Cirrus Perspective+ cockpit.
  • "Cirrus leadership brought its accident rate to less than half the industry average". (c) AOPA Air Safety Institute.


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