Whether you’re looking to experience your first flight or develop existing skills, AeroPro Flight Academy’s friendly, experienced instructors will help you achieve your goals from the convenience of Austin-Bergstrom Airport (KAUS). Select a program option below for more information.

Cirrus SR20 Introductory Flight

$499 – 90 Min Experience (Approx. 45 Min Aircraft Run Time / 30 Min Flight Time)

Treat yourself or a loved one to the unforgettable experience of a discovery flight over Austin. You’ll be at the controls under the guidance of our friendly, experienced flight instructors as you familiarize yourself with the craft of flying a high-performance airplane.

In order to secure a date and time for a Discovery Flight with AeroPro Flight Academy, payment is required in full. When you’re ready to place your reservation, kindly request an online invoice from us, which will be promptly sent via email. Once issued, the online invoice will only hold your date/time for 24 hours and, if payment is not received, the date/time will be automatically released back into our booking system. 


✓ Airport operations, taxi, and radio procedures

✓ Regular takeoff, climbs, descents, and turns

✓ Pattern entry and landing

Private Pilot Certificate Training

With your private pilot’s certificate you’ll be certified to fly a small aircraft with passengers in visual flight conditions without an instructor’s supervision. You may NOT be paid as a pilot for hire with this particular license.


Cirrus SR20 – $425/hour (wet)

Instruction – $75/hour

Budget approximately $21,000 – $30,000 to obtain your Private Pilot certificate via the Cirrus SR20.


✓ Obtaining and interpreting a weather briefing

✓ Preflighting and postflighting the aircraft

✓ Airport operations, taxi, and radio procedures

✓ Takeoff, straight and level, climbs, descents, and turns

✓ Slow flight and turns

✓ Approach stalls and departure stalls

✓ Steep turns – 45 degree bank

✓ Ground Reference Maneuvers

✓ Following a road, turns about a point, s-turns over a road and rectangular patterns

✓ Pattern entries and go-arounds

✓ Instrument flying and Unusual attitudes

✓ Landings

✓ Emergency procedures

✓ Cross country planning and flying

✓ Solo landings

✓ Solo Cross country flight

✓ Diversions

✓ Night Flying

✓ Advanced landings and takeoffs – Short field and Soft field

✓ Checkride review

Instrument Rating Training

With your instrument rating, you’ll enhance your safety and will be certified to fly in a variety of weather situations under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Our friendly, experienced flight instructors will help prepare you for almost any condition you may encounter as a professional aviator.


Cirrus SR20 – $425/hour (wet)

Instruction – $75/hour


✓ Private Pilot Certificate

✓ Instrument Knowledge Test Complete


✓ 50 Hours PIC Cross Country

✓ 40 Hours Actual or Simulated Instrument

✓ 15 Hours of Instrument Time with a CFI-I

✓ 250 NM Long Cross Country with a CFI-I

Commercial Pilot Certificate Training

With your commercial pilot license, you’ll be certified as a professional aviator that may be paid for piloting services. Our friendly, experienced flight instructors will help prepare you for a career as a pilot for hire.


Cirrus SR20 – $425/hour (wet)

Instruction – $75/hour

Course Cost: approximately $7,000 (does not include examiner fees).


✓ Must be at least 18 years old

✓ All aeronautical experience requirements for commercial except for 10 hours of complex and 3 hours checkride prep

✓ Valid medical certificate

✓ Must be able to fly to private pilot standards

✓ Knowledge test must be completed prior to enrollment


✓ 5 flights in an SR20 aircraft covering normal procedures, emergencies, and maneuvers for the checkride (10 hours of flight time)

✓ All necessary ground training to pass the oral exam (up to 5 hours)

✓ Use of the aircraft for the practical test (up to 2 hours)

✓ Complete this course in as little as 5 days!

Multi-Engine Training

Expand your knowledge of aviation and high-performance aircraft with our multi-engine aerodynamics & systems training program. You’ll complete this course in the Diamond DA42 Twin Star – the world’s best selling piston twin!

✓ 6 Hours of Multi-Engine Training in a DA42 (3 flight lessons)

✓ Multi-Engine Aerodynamics Training

✓ Aircraft Systems Training

Complete training in as little as 3 days!

✓ Must be at least 18 years old

✓ Valid medical certificate

✓ Must be able to fly to private pilot standards

Diamond D42 Twin Star – $649/hour (wet)

Instruction – $75/hour

Course Cost: approximately $6,500 (does not include examiner fees).